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What Makes Us Different

Becoming a khrusallis client requires serious commitment from your organization.  It requires a willingness to let go of the old ways and try new things.  Hero worship ends and team recognition takes its place.  Customer and staff loyalty becomes the goal, not mere satisfaction.

Reasonable package and daily rates from khrusallis are the keystone in a bridge to true transformation in the way your company does business.

Paying only for concentrated efforts when they are needed most creates an effective partnership until you can cultivate or hire in-house capability.

For some clients, our model also offers an attractive long-term alternative to hiring a full-time employee, especially for projects with sporadic periods of intensive work and/or of uncertain duration.  Associated, ongoing overhead burdens (typically totalling 30-40% of employee salary, or more) of added payroll taxes, holiday and vacation pay, and employee benefits are alleviated.